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If you were hit by a car while walking, our firm can help you. Your medical bills may be covered by insurance even if you have no coverage of your own and you may be able to recover money damages for your injuries—call (800) 909-8129 to get answers for free.

Since 2004, pedestrian accidents have made up a larger and larger percentage of total traffic fatalities. In 2004, pedestrian deaths were 11 percent of all traffic fatalities. In 2016, pedestrian deaths were at 15 percent—in a year that already saw the total number of motor vehicle deaths increase by the largest amount in 50 years. Judged from year to year, pedestrian deaths increased by 11 percent in 2016; no other year has seen such a dramatic increase in the history of recording traffic deaths.

Why the sudden shift? Experts from all over the industry blame distracted driving.

Over 95 percent of drivers own a phone, and 77 percent own a smartphone according to data from Zendrive, a company that records driving behavior through phone data. Most of these phone owners admit to using their devices behind the wheel. The opportunity to play with apps, browse social media, or text each other has encouraged drivers to operate their vehicles negligently at higher and higher rates.

Pedestrians have as much a right to use our streets as any driver. Drivers who operate their cars negligently need to be held accountable when people get hurt. When pedestrians are hurt in accidents, The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett fights for them to get money for their injuries, medical care, lost wages, and more. Whether we’re suing a driver or their insurance company for damages, our goal is simple: get everything our client needs to get better and move forward.

Turn to the Attorney Who Fights for All of New Jersey

Since 1987, our New Jersey pedestrian accident lawyer has been fighting for people injured by negligent drivers. Our firm has collected tens of millions of dollars because we maximize every possible avenue of recovery. For pedestrians, that could mean filing a disability claim under Social Security, suing the driver, filing an insurance claim, or filing a defective product claim if the driver’s brakes failed.

Our goal is to ensure our clients have financial relief for their medical care—helping them recover for the rest of their lives. Our experience, resources, and skill have equipped us to stand up for the vulnerable throughout the State of New Jersey. If you want straight answers about whether you have a valid claim, how much your case is worth, and what we can do to help you, speak with The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett as soon as possible.

Call our law firm at (800) 909-8129 or contact us online for a free case consultation. We look forward to getting you answers. Se habla español.

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Common Questions

  • Q:How is a personal injury claim different from a personal injury lawsuit?

    A:If you wish to hold the person responsible for your injuries liable, it is important to know the differences between a claim and a lawsuit. A personal injury claim is the first step, when your attorney files against the parties responsible or liable for the injury. A personal injury lawsuit comes after the claim, taking place in a court of law, if the original claim did not yield the compensation desired by the plaintiffs.

  • Q:What is negligence?

    A:Negligence is one of the key aspects of any personal injury case. Negligence occurs when a person or party does not act with the proper amount of care and caution that a reasonable person would use to prevent harm or injury to another individual, or when the person or party does something harmful that a careful and reasonable person would not have done in a similar situation.

  • Q:How important is negligence to my case?

    A:Negligence is perhaps the most integral factor in an injury claim or lawsuit, and in order to fight for justice against the liable party (also called the defendant), you must first be able to prove their negligence and that it is the direct cause of your injuries.

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