House Democrats Won’t Vote on Biden’s Immigration Plan in March

Despite putting forward numerous immigration bills this month, there’s one that won’t see a floor vote: the Biden administration’s proposed overhaul of the immigration system. Speaker Pelosi and her team apparently tallied the potential votes, with a disappointing conclusion: there’s not enough support to pass the bill. So, in the meantime, Democrats will move the Biden bill through committee while they focus on narrower, more popular immigration bills.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Progressive Caucus considers the Biden bill a top priority. While the White House has decided to take a “hands-off” approach to the bill’s future, progressives and conservative Democrats will have to figure out how to make sure the bill has the support of numerous factions within the Democratic Party. Supporters of the bills are on the phones trying to build support among their colleagues.

Meanwhile, the most popular immigration demands on the table right now—protection for DACA beneficiaries and immigration reform for farmworkers—are still enjoying bipartisan support and may be passed this month. However, some supporters say those bills don’t go far enough.

“I want to make sure the broader bill gets as much support as possible, and that we send it over as quickly as possible, and that we get this done,” said Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas), who helped build Biden’s immigration overhaul.

Both progressive and moderate Dems propose changes to Biden’s bill. Progressives want to ensure people can become citizens whether or not they have minor criminal infractions on their record. Moderates want to require employees to use e-verify to confirm that their workers are documented. Which changes will make it into the final bill is unclear at this time.

Some progressives fear the bill will be watered down before it even arrives in the Senate. However, voters may be ready for the broad reforms, even if their representatives aren’t. A new Dream Act has 72% support among voters, as does a bill that would give citizenship to undocumented farmworkers. A bill that would offer citizenship to undocumented essential workers has 66% support as well.

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