3 Immigration Changes in Biden's Executive Orders

Last night, President Biden signed multiple executive orders that will resolve some of the most harmful changes of the Trump administration. These first few steps are the beginning of what the Biden administration promised would be a "reset" of the immigration system.

In today's blog, we want to outline three of the changes resulting from last night's executive orders.

Creation of a Family Reunification Task Force

Biden has established a task force whose purpose will be uniting children held in detention with their parents. This was in response to the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy that led to hundreds of children being separated from their families at the border. In addition to separation, there were few records kept that might have aided with reunification.

Restoring Asylum & Addressing Cause of Migration

These are actually two changes in one, both of which are designed to help asylum seekers find safety in a new home. The first change is that the DHS will rescind numerous Trump policies that have essentially closed the asylum process. The second change is that the Biden administration will be collaborating with international organizations, nonprofits, and foreign governments to help other countries develop their capacity to provide asylum.

This will not only free up the U.S. asylum process, but give asylum seekers more options with regard to where they go.

Review of All Changes to Limit Legal Immigration

The Trump administration did succeed in building a wall during the last four years—a wall made of bureaucratic obstacles, fee hikes, and changes to policy. The number of immigration applications has steadily decreased due to dozens of changes, many of which went unreported because there were so many.

The Biden administration is committed to reviewing all of these changes, including the recent fee hikes, in order to undo the most damaging policies. To help, he has also established the Task Force on New Americans, which is committed to helping immigrants integrate into US communities.

These changes all present a brighter, more stable future for immigrants and their family members. To learn how these changes could affect your immigration case, speak with The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett Esq., P.C. in a confidential case consultation today.