Federal Appeals Court Rules Against 300,000 TPS Recipients

The Temporary Protected Status program has given refuge to countless immigrants for decades, allowing people from war-torn or unstable countries to live, work, and thrive here legally. Currently, around 400,000 immigrants from countries that include Haiti, Cuba, El Salvador, and Sudan are TPS recipients. Now, the entire program may be wiped out after a single court ruling.

The court ruled in a 2–1 decision to allow the Trump administration to strip TPS benefits from hundreds of thousands of recipients. The decision essentially takes legal status away from 400,000 people if they don’t leave the United States voluntarily. Officially, TPS benefits are set to end on March 5, 2021 for people from Honduras, Nicaragua, Nepal, Haiti, and Sudan. People from El Salvador would have until November 2021.

Decades of Residency Wiped Away

Many TPS recipients have been in the United States for decades. They’ve started businesses or careers, built communities, and had children. In fact, there are about 200,000 US-born children who may witness their parents be deported if the TPS ruling is not overturned or the program is not continued by this or a subsequent administration.

Our firm wholeheartedly opposes ending TPS benefits as it would immediately tear hundreds of thousands of people out of the communities they’ve known and loved for years. It would also put hundreds of thousands of first-generation Americans into an impossible situation regarding their parents.

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