USCIS Updates DACA Policy in Light of Court Loss

In an update to the ongoing DACA legal case, the US Citizenship and Immigration Service has amended their DACA policy to limit its benefits to existing or former DACA recipients. This is likely a temporary measure until they can create a legal reason to end DACA, as the Supreme Court ruled that the USCIS could unilaterally end it. They would just need a clear reason for it that didn’t violate the Administrative Procedure Act, which governs how agencies enact policy. 

In the meantime, the agency has settled for reducing DACA’s benefits. If you’re unsure how this affects your DACA application, speak with our New Jersey DACA attorneys today to get answers to your questions as soon as possible. 

The DACA changes include:

  • Limiting DACA grants to one year
  • Rejecting and refunding any new DACA applications
  • Accepting applications from people with expired DACA benefits
  • Accepting renewal applications
  • Making it harder to receive Advanced Parole
  • Rejecting DACA applications sent 150 days early or earlier

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