Immigrants Sue U.S. Government Over Documentation Delay

Two immigrants are accusing the U.S. government in a lawsuit Wednesday for failing to properly give them copies of their own immigration records, preventing them from properly fighting deportation and applying for citizenship. The plaintiffs sued in federal court in San Francisco. These two immigrants are seeking class-action for thousands of people waiting more than 30 business days to get their documents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. They are represented by the American Immigration Council and other immigration rights advocates.

How Does This Delay Affect Immigrants Nationwide?

These immigrants are suing the U.S. government because these files are of high importance. The immigrants need these documents, known as A-files, to review details in their own immigration histories to defend themselves against deportation and apply for asylum, green cards, and citizenship. The documents contain information on how they came into the country and any immigration benefit application they have submitted. Not only does the delay of this documentation affect their ability to apply for citizenship, but it also causes emotional and financial hardships.

Unfortunately, the U.S. immigration system is facing massive backlogs in naturalization applications, asylum filings, and immigration courts. Since the Trump administration’s immigration regulations, the numbers of pending asylum applications and immigration court cases have increased. Nearly 41,000 Freedom of Information Act requests were pending at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in 2018.

It typically takes an average of 55 to 90 days for the processing time of an A-file request according to the Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Although wait times aren’t new, they are increasingly affecting immigrants who want to take new steps toward citizenship.

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