Dreamers May Resume Applying for DACA Renewal…For Now

Since September, over 700,000 immigrants were left in uncertain and anxious circumstances following the President’s decision to end DACA. Experts estimated that about 122 DACA recipients were losing their work permits on a daily basis, while Congress provided no long-term solution for four months. With the first attempt at a bipartisan solution resulting in political disaster, DACA recipients are still in a painful and costly limbo.

The government has left without relief people who have:

  • Earned advanced degrees
  • Started families
  • Paid taxes
  • Purchased homes and cars

In other words, people who are rooted here. Americans on both sides of the political spectrum support a path to legalization—but Congress hasn’t yet acted.

Temporary Relief Has Arrived

On January 9, a federal judge from the Ninth Circuit issued an injunction against the end of DACA—which means DACA is (effectively) still accepting applications for renewal. Unfortunately, it is not a long-term solution: it provides no path to citizenship and no new applications are being accepted. That said, it does offer relief to hundreds of thousands who needed immediate relief.

Per the USCIS, anyone whose DACA expired after September 5, 2016 is eligible for renewal. You’ll need:

  • Form I-821D
  • Form I-765
  • Form I-765 Worksheet

Congress Still Needs Your Voice

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg issued a call to action for all of his followers earlier this week, urging them to call their senators and congressional representatives to create a legislative solution for Dreamers. He (and community organizers all over the country) know that the problem is far from solved—and the fight is far from over.

Take 5 minutes and find your representatives and call them. Calling them will make a difference—tell them you want a permanent path to citizenship for Dreamers, who are our fellow Americans in every way except on paper.