Settlement Reached in Fatal Crane Accident Case

The family of a 30-year-old New Jersey man who was killed while working at a construction site in Manhattan has finally received a settlement more than a year after the deadly accident occurred. In early April 2012 a crane collapsed on a construction site, killing the victim and seriously injured another man. The 160-foot boom of a tractor crane came crashing down and crushed the New Jersey man, M.S. The crane was being used as part of work being done to the Number 7 subway extension.

Nearly forty rescue workers and first responders arrived at the scene and worked to free the workers, but M.S.'s injuries were too severe and he did not make it. A federal investigation of the crane collapse determined that a frayed cable had snapped and caused the accident. The cable held up the boom, which then came crashing down after the cable broke. The federal report also stated that the accident could have been prevented had the contracting company followed proper safety procedures. The parents of M.S. subsequently filed a suit against the contracting company claiming wrongful death.

The construction company responsible for the crane accident is contesting the findings of the federal investigation, but in the meantime they have reached a settlement with M.S.'s parents. The parents of the deceased agreed to accept $1 million without the contracting company admitting to any wrongdoing.

Construction and building sites are some of the most inherently dangerous places to work, which is why it is crucial that employers are diligent in ensuring that all safety standards and precautions are stringently adhered to. Construction injuries are commonly caused by workers being hit by falling objects, a fall from a height, malfunctioning equipment, defective machinery, damaged machinery that goes unfixed, and coworker recklessness or negligence.

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