10 Injured in Single-Vehicle Car Accident in Newark, New Jersey

During the early morning hours of Monday, May 6th, a compact car carrying two adults and eight minor children crashed head-on into a tree along Irvine Turner Boulevard in Newark, New Jersey. The severity of the accident caused the car to bend around the tree and trap all ten passengers inside. When police and emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they were forced to extricate the two adults and eight children, ranging in ages from 1 1/2 to 17 from the vehicle. The extent of each person's injuries varied, however reports show the 30-year-old woman, allegedly the children's mother, and three of her young children (ages 18 months, 3 years and 17 years), sustained life-threatening injuries and were transported to local hospitals for urgent treatment. The male adult and the five other children were treated for minor injuries and later released. The exact cause of the accident is still under investigation, but investigators believe the fact that the vehicle was double its maximum capacity and that it is possible that the vehicle's occupants were not wearing seatbelts, all of which may have been contributing factors.

Any serious injury accident must be fully investigated. If there was a system failure (such as brakes, tires or other system or part) or another driver was involved, this will impact how the case is handled. A serious injury case should be managed by a personal injury lawyer who has experience and success in helping victims recover compensation for damages.

Being involved in a car accident can be an extremely traumatic and painful experience. Depending on the cause of the accident and whether or not another person was liable for the injuries and other damages sustained, you may be able to file a claim or lawsuit against the responsible party so as to recover compensation to cover your medical expenses, loss of income, rehabilitation costs, and other damages. Our firm has spent the last 25 years representing clients in all types of personal injury cases. We know how important it is to be able to receive the compensation you deserve so you can pay your bills, recover from your injuries, and hold the negligent party accountable for what has been done to you.

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