USCIS Extends Evidence of Status Requirement to 24 Months Due to Longer Processing Time

Earlier this month, the USCIS extended the time that receipt notices can be used for showing evidence of status for applicants who filed Form I-751. Instead of the normal 18 months, petitioners can use their receipt notices for evidence of status for 24 months.

In other words, conditional permanent residents can present receipt notices for Forms I-751 or I-829 with their green card as proof of continued status for 24 months past the expiration date of their green card. USCIS is allowing this due to longer processing times for certain forms, which is part of a much larger backlog problem the agency is facing.

The USCIS will issue new receipt notices for qualifying permanent residents who filed the above forms before September 4 whose cases are pending. This will give them the full 24 months past expiry to use the receipt notices.

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Our New Jersey immigration lawyers recently blogged about slower processing times at consulates and embassies due to COVID, and we’ve reported extensively about the USCIS backlog. Extending windows of time like this is the right move, given how much slower processing immigration petitions has become since 2016.

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