Build Back Better Act

We urge our readers to take action and contact your representative in Congress to Provide a Path to Citizenship and Visa Backlog Reforms Through Budget Reconciliation.  Congress is voting on this bill sometime this week.  Contact your representative and tell them that now is the time for Congress to deliver a pathway to citizenship for people who are undocumented and relief for those waiting in long visa backlogs! 

Thanks to advocates like you, last month both the House and the Senate passed a budget resolution that includes a pathway to citizenship for those who are undocumented. A path to citizenship would have a large budgetary impact, and it can and should be part of the budget reconciliation process. The benefits to our economy are enormous. Congress also has the opportunity to alleviate severe immigrant visa backlogs through reconciliation.  

But we need your help to keep the pressure on Congress. The House and Senate are negotiating legislative text for budget reconciliation, and it’s imperative that they hear from people like you. They need to know that their constituents support immigration reforms through budget reconciliation and oppose anti-immigrant amendments that may be offered. 

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Urge Congress to support a pathway to citizenship for people who are undocumented and visa backlog reforms via budget reconciliation by emailing your legislators today!

FInd your representative here and call them today!! Tell them you support reform.  Your calls really make a difference.