Biden Proposes Immediate Immigration Bill as Dems Take Senate

With the Senate under Democratic control, President Joe Biden has unveiled plans to send an immigration reform bill as soon as possible to the Senate, perhaps even on his first day in office. His first actions will include terminating the ban on immigration from Muslim-majority countries and creating a path to citizenship for Dreamers. He’ll also be tasking his Justice Department with investigating the Trump administration’s separation of 2,600 migrant families. 

With a slim majority in the Senate, however, Republicans warn that sweeping changes without Republican approval will be impossible. As of last week, there is a 50-50 tie in the Senate with Kamala Harris serving as the tie breaker in her capacity as Vice President. 

Judge Blocks Trump Asylum Rule

Judge James Donato of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia blocked an asylum rule that was to take effect this week. This would have been one of many policies enacted over the last four years limiting asylum or making it more difficult for people to receive asylum benefits. This rule would have investigated an asylum claim if the claimant had traveled to one country prior to the US but didn’t seek asylum. 

These are exciting but tumultuous times for immigrants and their families! There’s a chance that many of the much-needed reforms that immigrant advocates have been fighting for will be able to pass, but a changing landscape means immigrants will have a lot of legal questions. To get answers, speak with The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett Esq., P.C. today for a confidential consultation with an experienced immigration attorney in New Jersey.

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