Roger Clemens’ Son Files Lawsuit Against Houston Bar Over Alleged Assault

A few minutes into the new year, the son and godson of former major league ace Roger Clemens were severely injured when a bouncer at a Houston nightclub suddenly and violently began attacking them. Roger’s son, Kacy Clemens, suffered an injury to his right elbow and torso. Kacy is a first baseman who played for a Toronto Blue Jays’ Class-A affiliate last season.

According to a USA Today article, the bouncer from the Concrete Cowboy bar told Clemens and Capel to move before making a purchase. Although Clemens and Capel complied with the request, the bouncer still seemed agitated. Without any warning or provocation, the bouncer brutally began attacking the two young men in attempt to throw them out of the bar. Others joined in and also started physically assaulting Capel and Clemens, causing them to be severely hurt.

Lawsuit Filed Against Houston Bar

Roger’s godson, Conner Capel, suffered a fractured skull, a concussion, and facial injuries. Due to his severe head injuries, he will require annual evaluations for at least the next five years. Capel is an outfielder who played for the St. Louis Cardinals’ Class-A affiliate in the Florida State League last season.

Nicolas Estrada-Johnson, a bouncer in the incident, was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor assault for “unlawfully, intentionally and knowingly” causing injuries to Capel, as he was seen striking Capel with a flashlight. The lawsuit filed against the nightclub, Concrete Cowboy, seeks between $200,000 and $1 million in damages.

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