NJ Bill A-1110 Could Improve the Lives of Injured Workers—But It Needs Your Help

As a workers' compensation lawyer in New Jersey for over 30 years, I have witnessed countless workers sustain serious hand and foot injuries. Our current workers’ compensation system does not adequately compensate workers who suffer serious injuries to the hands or feet while on the job. Injuries to the hands and feet can be devastating and permanently restrict a worker’s ability to continue doing their job.

Yet under current law, injuries to the hands or feet are compensated based on a lower number of gross weeks as compared to injuries to the whole body. Those injuries are compensated as permanent partial total disabilities, but injuries to the hands and feet, which can be just as debilitating, are not. This workers’ compensation formula has not been adjusted since 1982. It is time to update this formula and help injured workers and their families.

Please help workers who are injured on the job by contacting your local legislator and telling him or her to vote to support A-1110. This bill, if passed in the NJ Assembly, would increase workers’ compensation benefits for loss of function of a hand, certain fingers, or foot. A-1110 was introduced and referred to the Assembly Labor Committee on January 9, 2018. An identical bill, S-782, passed the Senate on December 17, 2018.

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