Trump Administration Proposes Tough Deal for Immigrants

White House policy official Stephen Miller submitted the President’s official proposal for immigration reform, attempting to make good on a promise to create a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA-eligible immigrants. However, the “compromise” seems to be geared toward anything but.

Some immigration policy experts have noted that the White House seems to be using DACA as a bargaining chip in return for harsh crackdowns on other immigrant programs and increased funding for immigration enforcement. That funding includes $25 billion alone in a border wall “trust fund.”

Some of the proposal items also included:

  • Cuts to family immigration
  • Elimination of the diversity visa program
  • Expansion of expedited removal (fast-track deportation)
  • Expanded authority to detain adults and minors for longer periods
  • A path to citizenship for Dreamers (10-12 years)

Cuts to family immigration would include changing the law to only allow green card holders and citizens to sponsor their spouses and children under 18 years old. Currently, the law allows permanent residents to sponsor adult children, siblings, and parents.

Regarding the possible end of the diversity visa, the White House has made vague promises to funnel the diversity visa openings into family-based or employment-based visas. The proposal didn’t specify how or why.

Senate Democrats Have Already Rejected the Proposal

Leader of the Senate Democrats Chuck Schumer has already rejected the proposal on principle, despite the proposal ostensibly being for the creation of a bipartisan bill. In his press conference, Mr. Miller affirmed that the proposal was seen as a reasonable compromise from the White House.

As we’ve reported before, the White House is already in the midst of efforts to cut down on legal immigration as much as possible.

ALERT: A federal court has issued an injunction against the end of DACA—meaning all current DACA recipients (or recipients who were eligible for re-enrollment after September 2016) are eligible to apply for renewal!

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