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Accidents are often devastating and life-changing, regardless if they’re car accidents, premises liability accidents, or work accidents. In all of these cases, people are left with serious medical bills, lost income, and much, much more. The only way for many people to recover the cost of suffering an injury is through a lawsuit or insurance claim. Since 1987, the Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett, Esq., P.C. has won tens of millions of dollars for the injured and wronged.

Our Bergen County personal injury lawyer has won cases against some of the largest insurance companies and other entities nationwide, helping our clients get peace and move forward with their lives. Our commitment to each client’s well-being means we devote as much attention and resources as each case demands, unlike large corporate firms. As a law firm with a limited caseload and a lean staff, we’re able to focus on each case and maximize each client’s verdict or settlement.

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“Should I Deal with My Insurance Company On My Own?”

While you could try and resolve your claim on your own, there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t. Reason number one: the insurance company may not have your interests in mind. Keep in mind that insurance companies make their money from paying out as little as possible. If you accept the first offer they give you, you may be agreeing to less money than you’ll need. Insurance companies know how much your case is actually worth, which puts you at a disadvantage.

Reason number two is that the insurance company is better-equipped than you are. If you think you deserve more under your policy, the insurance company has the time and money to keep you waiting. It’s a common tactic for insurers to put pressure on claimants by delaying claims, forcing injured people to accept less than what they deserve. It may not be fair, but that’s the nature of your relationship with the insurance company: they’re bigger than you and they know it.

Having a Bergen County personal injury attorney solves both those problems. As an experienced injury lawyer, Attorney Lloyd Bennett has the experience to know how much you’ll need after an accident. He knows how much you actually deserve, which means our firm can demand a fair offer if your insurance company doesn’t offer what you need. As a well-equipped law firm, we can also level the playing field between you and your insurer. If an insurer puts pressure on you by delaying your claim, we can put pressure back on them by taking the case to trial. With a level playing field, you’re more likely to get the money you need.

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After decades of representing the injured and wronged, our law firm has handled virtually every kind of injury case there is. We know what our clients are facing because we’ve faced it with them thousands of times before. Attorney Lloyd Bennett is 100% committed to the well-being of his clients. Because our firm only takes a fee if we win your case, our interests are completely aligned with yours. If you don’t win, then you don’t owe our firm a dime. To us, all that matters is that you have enough to pay for your medical care and move on with your life.

When you’re facing an uncertain future, when you’re asking how you’re going to afford your medical treatment, when you’re worrying about providing for yourself or your family, call the Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett. Our firm is more than happy to help you understand your legal options in a free consultation, so call us today.

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Common Questions

  • Q:How is a personal injury claim different from a personal injury lawsuit?

    A:Many victims are unsure what legal actions they should take to pursue fair compensation for their injuries. If you wish to hold the person responsible for your injuries liable, it is important to know the differences between a claim and a lawsuit.

  • Q:What is negligence?

    A:Negligence is one of the key aspects of any personal injury case. Negligence occurs when a person or party does not act with the proper amount of care and caution that a reasonable person would use to prevent harm or injury to another individual, or when the person or party does something harmful that a careful and reasonable person would not have done in a similar situation.

  • Q:How important is negligence to my case?

    A:Negligence is perhaps the most integral factor in an injury claim or lawsuit, and in order to fight for justice against the liable party (also called the defendant), you must first be able to prove their negligence and that it is the direct cause of your injuries. 

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