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Immigration Assistance for Performing Entertainers and Athletes

The P-1 visa classification allows certain athletes, entertainers, and artists into the United States along with their staff needed for support of the production.

The category has two general classifications: P-1A visas for athletes, and P-1B visas for groups of entertainers.

P-1A Visas for Individual & Team Athletes

P-1A visas are granted to individual athletes and sports teams who compete at an international level. Individuals who qualify for the visa must have achieved high levels of acclaim in multiple countries. The visa grants a stay of five (5) years to a maximum of ten (10) years. Teams who qualify for this visa must be coming to the U.S. to compete in a "distinguished event" and have a record of international acclaim in the sport. Teams with the P-1A visa can stay for up to one (1) year.

On top of supporting letters, contracts, and itineraries, qualifying athletes need two (2) of the following items:

  • Evidence of "significant participation" in a major U.S. sports league in a previous season
  • Evidence of "significant participation" with a national team in international competition
  • Evidence of "significant participation" for a U.S. college team in intercollegiate competition
  • A written statement from an official in the applicable U.S. sports league or organization that vouches for the individual or team's international recognition
  • A written statement from a recognized sports reporter or expert that vouches for the individual or team's international recognition
  • Official international ranking for the team or individual if the sport has international rankings
  • Proof of significant honors or awards in the sport

P-1B Visas for Acclaimed Entertainment Groups

The P-1B visa is granted to entertainment groups with a record of substantial and sustained acclaim. In addition, at least 75% of the group's members must have sustained membership for more than one (1) year. This visa is not available for individual entertainers. The group must have achieved exceptional levels of international acclaim (compared with other performers in the same field).

On top of contracts, supporting letters, and itineraries, the group must have three (3) of the following items:

  • Past or expected performances as the headliner at an event with a "distinguished reputation" (evidenced by reviews, advertisements, publications, press releases, contracts, or endorsements)
  • Past or expected performances as the headliner at an acclaimed establishment (as evidenced by publications in newspapers, trade journals, magazines, etc.)
  • Proof of international acclaim (evidenced by reviews in major publications, newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Proof of commercial or critical success (evidenced by ratings, box office earnings, record sales, or other reported achievements)
  • Proof of critical achievements provided by critics, organizations, and experts in the field.
  • Proof of high salaries or compensation for performance compared to other performers in the field (evidenced by contracts or other "reliable evidence")

P Visas for Family Members & Support Staff

P-4 visas are available for family members and P-1S visas for supporting personnel is available.

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Only an attorney can offer legal counsel and assistance with your P-1 visa. The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett, Esq., P.C. offers initial consultations to help callers determine if they are eligible. During the first appointment, we exhaustively review your records, immigration history, and family history to lay out all of your options for coming to the U.S. As a result, we can choose the path that will provide your P-1 application with the best chance of success.

Since 1987, our New Jersey immigration attorneys have helped over 10,000 organizations and individuals secure specialized visas, green cards, visa extensions, and more. We have the knowledge, skill, and insight to solve your P-1 visa application with speed and efficiency. Our team promises to keep our clients educated and informed about every step of the process, addressing all questions and concerns quickly. Contact us today for your consultation.

For effective help with an athlete or entertainer's visa, it is best to contact a New Jersey immigration lawyer from our offices.

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