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Establishing Non-Immigrant Access into the United States

There are a great many ways to enter into the United States to accomplish a specific task. The Department of Homeland Security calls these, “non-immigrant visas” (NIVs), as they serve a temporary purpose and do not refer to an individual looking to live in the United States permanently.

One of the reservations, in fact the first reservation, the U.S government has made is for foreign ambassadors or diplomats to enter the country with an A-1 visa to perform relevant visas.

In order to be eligible for an A-1 visa, you must be one of the following:

  • Ambassador
  • Public Minister
  • Career Diplomat
  • Consular Officer
  • Immediate family of one of the above

This reservation serves the purpose of welcoming foreign diplomacy and encouraging international welfare. A-1 visas for diplomats and specialty officials like them come with several perks, as well.

Conditions of an A-1 Visa

If you are an official representative entering the United States on behalf of your country and to perform specific duties, there are a number of ancillary benefits to this arrangement.

A-1 Visa holders enjoy the following:

  • The visa can be renewed to extend the stay
  • The visa for immediate family members can also be renewed
  • A-1 visa status can eventually convert into a green card, later citizenship
  • Numerous diplomatic immunities, exemptions, privileges, and rights

Section 12 of 1957’s Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) established a number of possible ways that an A-1 visa holder could become a green card holder and candidate for citizenship. Mostly, the United States government will just want to know that you are an individual of good moral character, your admission into the United States wouldn’t jeopardize the country, or that there’s a good reason why you can’t return back to your home country. With the right lawyer, these points are usually provable in immigration court.

Call our New Jersey immigration law offices today to get started with applying for your A-1 visa or for help in advancing it into a green card!

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