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One of the most common calls we receive are from people who call and say "My spouse or friend was detained by ICE. Can you help?" The answer is always yes, we can. However, relief from deportation depends on several factors.

These factors include:

  • Length of time in U.S.
  • Manner of entry
  • Criminal history
  • Immigration status
  • Family situation
  • Prior immigration encounters or border crossings

These issues and more must be fully investigated. Frequently people are unaware of the individual's history or their present location, requiring us to contact ICE and visit the detainee in detention to pull the pieces together to determine whether relief from removal is available. After this initial visit, we will able to review the situation to determine whether an application for relief from removal or a waiver can be submitted.

Learn about Relief from Removal

Removal proceedings, formally called deportation, can be started by the USCIS Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) when they encounter an individual and notice a violation of immigration law. The violation could be noticed during a criminal background check after a trip abroad in which a conviction is discovered, the review of an application for an immigration benefit such as a green card renewal, an application for adjustment or naturalization, or simply a review of an alien’s background during an ICE enforcement action in the community. These actions are more common today than ever before due to the new administration's priorities to search out and detain criminal aliens.

Once identified, the alien may be temporarily detained and transferred to ICE custody, who may act to further detain the alien.

Once in immigration custody the alien will be served with a Notice to Appear (NTA), which states the reasons the government is attempting to remove the alien from the U.S. The NTA will charge the alien with one of the grounds of removability under INA 237 (a) for having committed an aggravated felony or will charge that the alien as inadmissible to enter the U.S. under INA 212 (a) for having committed a crime of moral turpitude.

For more information regarding the differences between removability and deportability, click here.

Everyone in removal proceedings has a right to have a lawyer by their side during court proceedings. However, there is no right to a free court appointed immigration lawyer as in the criminal system. Therefore, those in removal proceedings must find and hire their own immigration attorney at their own expense

When hiring a deportation lawyer you want to hire a lawyer with experience and knowledge of immigration law and the various defenses to removal. These cases are extremely complex. Our law firm routinely represents immigrants in removal proceedings before the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR).

See our case results for a sample of the types of cases we have handled.

We offer initial in-office consultations or personal visits to detainees in the New Jersey, New York metro area. We have the expertise necessary to review and present all available options and will fight for your rights.

Hire the right experienced immigration attorney in NJ or your future will be at risk. Contact us today at (800) 909-8129.

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Common Questions

  • I am a fiancée of a U.S. citizen living outside the U.S. How can I enter the U.S. to marry?

    Your fiancée must apply for a Fiancée Visa, also known as the K-1 Visa. The visa is for parties who have physically met within the past two years, have an intent to marry, and can document a relationship together. The visa is only for those who are residing abroad and cannot be used if the alien is in the US. The application is filed from within the US and when approved, will be forwarded to the American Consular where the alien fiancée will apply for the visa and be interviewed by an officer - usually about 8-12 months from the date of filing.

  • I live in the U.S. and I am marrying a U.S. citizen. How can I get a green card and become a permanent resident?

    Assuming you have entered the US with a visa or are protected by an old law called 245i, you may be eligible to adjust status to receive a green card from within the US. If you have been illegally present for more than 6 months, you cannot travel until the green card is in hand. Current processing time is about 5-7 months.

  • I live outside the U.S. and I married a U.S citizen. How can I come to the U.S. to live?

    To enter the US after a marriage to a US Citizen, you would go through Consular Processing. Paperwork would be filed in the US and forwarded to the embassy abroad to schedule an interview. The processing time frame from start to finish is between 9-11 months, depending on the embassy abroad. The process is document-intensive and requires careful attention to detail.

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Our Founding Attorney Lloyd E. Bennet, Esq. is one of the rare attorneys with as many as 30 years of experience who still possess the drive to learn more and better advocate for his clients. Immigration law is a field that changes constantly as world politics unfold and new leaders front the United States. In order to stay on top of this, Attorney Bennet serves as Chapter Chair for the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s New Jersey Chapter, a position that requires conducting and attending conferences and public presentations to analyze changes in immigration law and what they could mean for our clients. His role in the immigration law community keeps his representation on the cutting edge.

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