Immigration Law Update for March 10

USCIS Grants Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans in the U.S.

As of March 8, US Citizenship and Immigration Services has granted TPS benefits to Venezuelans in the United States. TPS offers work authorization and protection from deportation for any undocumented Venezuelans in the United States, allowing them to stay here until TPS protections are not renewed. TPS renewal typically occurs every two years until dangerous conditions in the home country have been resolved.

For Venezuelans in the United States, this is good news. For now, they’ll be allowed to get a job, rebuild their lives, and perhaps even secure permanent residency status without fear of deportation. However, to be granted TPS, you’ll need to apply with an immigration lawyer.

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DOJ Withdraws Lawsuit Over “Public Charge” Rule

On Tuesday, the Biden administration withdrew from defending a Trump-era policy that would prevent people from immigrating if they were deemed “likely to become overly dependent on government benefits.” During the Trump administration, the USCIS put forward a policy change that would limit immigration of people considered to be “public charges,” a policy that exclusively affected poor or low-income applicants.

The policy was based on an existing policy that targeted immigrants who might be likely to depend on cash benefits, like welfare or unemployment. However, the Trump administration broadened the definitions to include any applicant that might receive benefits like Medicaid, food stamps, or housing assistance. A series of lawsuits and lower court decisions regarding the policy change brought it to the Supreme Court, but the Trump administration never had the chance to defend the decision before the justices.

Now, with Biden in office, the Justice Department has notified the Supreme Court that they do not intend to defend the policy, and that they agree with local governments who challenged it and sought to dismiss cases defending it. The policy itself may be changed via executive order after review, per Biden’s broad order regarding Trump-era policy changes.

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