Immigration Impact Calls on Biden to Expand DACA & Renew TPS

Thousands of immigrants in our country, long-time residents with jobs and families and lives, are living in legal limbo right now. 

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, and elsewhere are here under Temporary Protected Status, which offers temporary permission to stay and work while their countries contend with natural disasters, armed conflicts, and other life-threatening dangers. Trump unilaterally rescinded TPS status for numerous countries, but court orders have temporarily kept them in place. Regardless, the fate of hundreds of thousands is uncertain and rests in the hands of a few federal judges. 

Additionally, hundreds of thousands of immigrants who were brought here as minors are allowed to stay and work under DACA, which Trump has repeatedly tried to destroy. He has so far been unsuccessful, but his repeated attempts at undoing an Executive Order has revealed how fragile the futures of over half a million young people truly is. 

Immigration Impact, a political advocacy organization for immigrant communities, is calling on Biden to use his authority as president to immediately grant relief to both TPS recipients and DACA recipients. 

What the Biden Administration Could Do

For TPS, Biden could issue new designations for all nations currently on the TPS list, which would take the suspense out of the pending court decision and offer peace of mind to hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their US-born children. Not only that, but the Biden administration could even issue a grant of TPS that would allow many TPS recipients to apply for permanent resident status.

For DACA, Biden could reinstate and expand DACA to include a wider range of eligible ages, as well as looser education and residency requirements. There are tens of thousands of young immigrants with minor criminal records who are disqualified from DACA who deserve to live and work in the US without fear. Using a program like “Parole-in-Place,” the administration could even give DACA recipients the option of applying for a green card through their US-citizen family members. 

Additionally, Biden could immediately halt deportation for any person who qualifies for DACA. 

While neither of these are permanent solutions (which would require Congressional approval), they are ways that Biden could immediately grant relief to countless immigrants and family members of immigrants. 

With Trump leaving office in just over a week, it’s crucial for the Biden administration to immediately undo the damage done to immigration over the last four years. Our firm supports these calls on the Biden administration to grant relief to countless families, many of whom face separation if TPS or DACA recipients don’t get the help they need.

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