Immigrant Advocates Successfully Delay Immigration Fee Increase

One of the Trump administration’s countless changes to immigration policy was a fee increase for high-stakes immigration proceedings. We’ve reported on a previous USCIS fee increase that was stopped by a federal court in California, but that wasn't the only fee change proposed by Trump's DHS. This fee increase (originally slated to take effect on January 18) would have applied to applications, appeals, and motions for individuals facing deportation. 

These fee increases would have been far from routine; for instance, the fee for the application to cancel deportation would have tripled. Fees for some motions to the Board of Immigration Appeals would have increased eight times over. The new rule would even have required asylum seekers to pay a fee, which would block many applicants due to lack of resources.

Thankfully, the American Immigration Council, the Nationally Immigration Law Center, and numerous immigrant community organizations successfully filed a lawsuit that prevented the rule from taking effect. 

What Happens to the Rule Now

As of January 20, the Biden administration has begun making sweeping changes to immigration policy to undo the damage done by the previous administration. One of the things they could do is withdraw all of Trump’s immigration rules, including the fee increases. His administration promised in November to do exactly that.

Our firm, as a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, applauds the advocates’ work in delaying the fee increase and ensuring as many immigrants as possible have access to justice and remedies under the law. We urge the Biden administration to withdraw this rule and others as soon as possible to provide relief to asylum seekers and immigrants facing deportation. 

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