700 AILA Lawyers to Lobby Congress for Immigrant Communities

On Thursday, April 22, Lloyd Bennett, Esq, and over 700 hundred AILA members will join together virtually from their home states and advocate our representatives in Washington for smart, fair, and just immigration law reforms. We are asking Congress to step up and effect change through legislation and hold agencies accountable. You can read our program here.

We are asking our members to:

  • Hold USCIS accountable for inefficient policy changes and crisis-level visa processing delays of over 500,000, and to return it to its customer-oriented mission.
  • Reform our immigration courts that currently have a backlog of over 1.5 million cases.
  • Reduce and phase out the use of immigration detention.
  • Provide a pathway to citizenship for the thousands of immigrants who call America home.

This year more than ever, it’s vital to educate our leaders about the effects that the prior administration’s dismantling of our immigration system had upon our clients and their families. We must encourage them to hold our government agencies accountable to their customers. I look forward to continuing our dialogue about immigration reform with our elected officials in Washington as I have done for years. I am hopeful that the new administration is going to make a positive change.

For questions about the recent changes in Washington and how they affect your immigration status, speak with us today at (800) 909-8129.