Supreme Court Rules Against Trump Administration on DACA

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that it was illegal for the Trump Administration to unilaterally end the DACA program, per the Administrative Procedures Act. They ruled that the decision to end DACA was made without considering the hardship it would cause to DACA recipients, and so the program must continue. 

This is a major win for immigrant advocates, and our firm celebrates the Supreme Court’s decision. However, the work isn’t over. 

The White House can still end DACA through a new executive order. The only permanent solution for immigrants will be through Congress, which is why we must continue demanding that our legislators take action to make DACA a permanent part of our immigration system. Additionally, we must continue demanding protection from immigration enforcement in our states and cities.

What Does This Mean for My DACA Case?

Recipients are able to renew DACA benefits for two more years at least. As a result of the court decision, DACA recipients are shielded from deportation and eligible for work authorization and other benefits. It may even be possible to receive Advance Parole, which would allow DACA recipients to travel outside the United States and return, but you’ll want to consult a lawyer on that before leaving the country.

Will I Be Able to Apply for DACA If I Never Have Before?

Yes! One of the important developments to come out of this decision is the ability to apply for DACA benefits for the first time. Applying for DACA benefits will provide you with protection from deportation, the ability to work or attend school, and other advantages. However, the application process is bound to be difficult with a planned furlough of 75% of USCIS employees

It’s vital that you speak with an immigration attorney about your current, pending, or potential DACA case. Our New Jersey immigration lawyers have helped numerous DACA recipients resolve their cases successfully, protecting them from unfair and harsh immigration enforcement. Additionally, we’ve helped DACA recipients (and undocumented clients) explore permanent solutions to stay in the United States. 

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