Trump Still Changing Immigration System On Way Out

Despite losing the election and having zero mandate to lead the country, the Trump administration has continued its mission to warp and sabotage the immigration system. Since Election Day, staffers have made numerous changes consistent with the last four years of changes.

Just a few of those changes in the last few weeks include:

  • Making it easier to deny visa applications
  • Making the citizenship test longer
  • Putting Trump appointments on an immigration policy board
  • Limit work permits, specifically for H-1B skilled worker visas

Some staff have been pushing the outgoing president to sign an order ending birthright citizenship for the children of immigrants—one of the oldest, most fundamental rights in the history of human movement. Thankfully, the effort is likely to fail, given that birthright citizenship is a Constitutional right. However, the fact that Trump’s aides are frantically at work to derail immigration before the President-Elect’s inauguration is troubling news.

Many of the changes of the last four years have been the work of Stephen Miller, a senior aide to the President. He was the main force behind changes like denying visas to Muslim-majority countries, limiting asylum claims, and cut foreign worker visas. The increased militarization of the border and the “remain in Mexico” policy were also the work of Stephen Miller.

Biden’s pledge to undo the Trump immigration policies is largely going to be focused on reversing Stephen Miller’s work. As a result of literally hundreds of policy changes, the immigration infrastructure is emaciated and shrunken. To rebuild the immigration system’s capacity for Obama-era numbers won’t be an overnight change, but a months-long project.

It’s still a tumultuous time for immigrant communities. To learn how your immigrant case will be affected, call (800) 909-8129 for a confidential consultation with our renowned New Jersey immigration law firm. Se Habla Español.