It Might Take a While to Undo Trump's Immigration Policies

The incoming Biden administration as pledged to undo the damage caused by the Trump administration. This includes a severely weakened refugee admission pipeline, restrictive visa policies, the Muslim ban, and dozens of significant USCIS changes made on an almost weekly basis over the last four years. However, undoing that damage will require more than just reversing the existing policies.

For instance, as CNN reports, the refugee admission pipeline has been severely weakened as a result of numerous Trump policies. Policies like the “remain in Mexico” policy, which required refugee applicants to remain on the Mexican side of the border until their case could be brought to court in the United States, severely decreased refugee applications (by design). On top of that, Trump limited the number of accepted applicants every year, bringing it to a record low of 15,000 for the upcoming year.

As a result, even if Biden raised the cap to 125,000 refugee applications—as he plans to do—there’s still the problem that there are only a few cases in the pipeline currently, which means the existing staff will not be prepared to handle a sudden influx of cases. In order to prevent a crisis at the border, the Biden administration may be forced to keep some Trump policies in place until the immigration infrastructure can be rebuilt.

Undoing literally hundreds of executive actions may not be as simple or swift as people realize. Still, the Biden administration has continued to signal its intent to completely undo Trump’s destructive immigration policies.

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