“Please Vote in November”: A Message from Attorney Lloyd Bennett

This administration presents an unprecedented threat to many of my clients and their families. The Trump administration has taken specific immigration actions that, if allowed to continue, could end legal immigration in the U.S. as we know it. Each action is another part of a coordinated effort to end legal immigration. 

Over the past four years the administration has successfully implemented the following punitive action:

  • Ban on issuance of H, L and J visas;
  • Ban on all immigrant visas (other than certain immediate relatives and EB-5);
  • Shutting down our asylum system;
  • Admission of an unprecedentedly low number of refugees;
  • Implementation of public charge provisions with the goal, and likely effect, of ending much of family immigration;
  • Attempting to furlough 80% of USCIS employees (effectively shutting down USCIS) despite revelations that an alleged budget shortfall is actually a surplus;
  • Shutting down US consulates for over five months despite the fact that operations of businesses, schools and other institutions in many host countries have been fully operational for months;
  • Ceasing the printing of EADs and green cards;
  • Implementation of a policy to separate children from parents;
  • Appointing individuals, whose main qualification is that they are opposed to immigration, to leadership positions in various immigration agencies;
  • Taking actions to significantly reduce foreign students in the US, including attempts to retroactively impose unlawful presence for technical and unknowing violations and attempts to disallow students to come to the US or remain in the US if their full time course of studies has become online because of the pandemic;
  • Increasing processing times to unprecedented levels, despite a reduction in applications, by issuing inappropriate and burdensome RFEs, not giving deference to previous adjudications and implementing a policy of across the board interviews of cases that were not previously interviewed with the main goal of delaying the process;
  • Denying applications that are approvable under existing law and previous interpretations;
  • Announcing intention to issue new regulations to further restrict H-1B approvals and extensions;
  • And many other actions that we will most certainly see in the coming weeks and months and, if this Administration continues in power, in the coming years.

If immigration is important to you, your family or the community as a whole, you must vote in the 2020 election. For further information on how to register in New Jersey, please click here. Your registration must be filed 21 days before the election.