Salvadorans Get TPS & Work Permit Extension Thru 2021

Earlier this week, the Trump administration has decided to renew temporary protected status for nearly 200,000 Salvadorans residing in the United States, granting each of them a temporary work permit. This is a 180-degree turn from last year, when the president vowed to deport the Salvadoran residents who were here under the TPS program. Since the president's announcement about rolling back TPS, the ACLU have challenged the decision in court. Federal judges have barred deportations of TPS recipients until the end of litigation.

TPS was created in 1990 to offer protection from deportation for people from countries that had recently suffered a natural disaster, armed conflict, or other catastrophes. The purpose of the program was two-fold: one, it would grant relief to immigrants who have been displaced or for whom it would be dangerous to return home; two, it would grant relief to national governments that would be unable to sustain a sudden influx of nationals coming home. El Salvador was granted TPS in 2001 after an earthquake devastated the nation.

Of the half a million people who are in the United States under TPS, Salvadorans are the largest group, constitution nearly half of all TPS recipients. Most of them live in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. TPS is renewed every 18 months.

When Does TPS End for Salvadorans?

The Department of Homeland Security said Salvadorans under TPS would have work permits extended through January 4, 2021; it also added that Salvadorans with TPS would have a year to relocate to El Salvador from the date the TPS-related lawsuits resolve.

Acting director of USCIS, Ken Cuccinelli, took issue with the El Salvador ambassador's description of this arrangement as an extension. Still, it grants more than a year of extension for work permits—a period of time that could prove crucial for immigrants who need to support themselves.

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