Judge Blocks Rule Targeting Immigrants Who Can't Afford Health Care

On October 4, the Trump administration attempted to implement a policy that would prevent immigrants without proof of health insurance or money for health care from getting a visa. Judge Michael Simon of the Federal District Court in Portland, OR issued a nationwide temporary restraining order to prevent the rule from taking effect this Sunday. The president justified the rule by asserting that immigrants were likely to be uninsured, which would result in "higher taxes, high premiums, and higher fees for medical services."

Attorneys from multiple advocacy groups said the rule would cause "immediate and irreparable harm." In a motion seeking a temporary restraining order, immigration lawyers said the policy would bar 375,000 qualified immigrants from entering the country each year. “The impact of this ban is just huge. Hundreds of thousands of people would be affected,” said Esther Sung, a senior litigator at the Justice Action Center. “Two out of three intending immigrants every year might not be able to join their families. It’s outrageous that the Trump administration is trying to slip this by people without them noticing.”

This victory for immigrants and immigration advocates follows last month's victory, wherein federal judges blocked an immigration rule that would have barred people who use public benefits (food stamps, subsidized housing) from getting green cards. “We’re glad that the court understands the importance of preventing the health care ban from taking effect tonight, but this is just the first step,” Sung said.

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