New Jersey Worker Awarded $7.68 Million After Work Site Fall

A New Jersey worker recently received $7.68 million after he fell while working on the job. The man suffered from several fractured vertebrae caused by the work accident. On April 27, 2015, the worker was working in Spotswood, New Jersey for a subcontractor of a North Brunswick-operated homebuilder. The plaintiff was working on the second story of a home when he fell backward, landing about 20 feet below. Injuries from the fall were serious—the man had to undergo a three-level fusion to repair vertebral fractures. He also suffered four rib fractures.

The homebuilding company and its owner were named as defendants in the suit. Specifically, the plaintiff and his legal representation alleged that the company railing requirements set in place by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). In response, the defendants asserted that the worker fell because of his negligence, and the subcontractor he worked for was responsible for meeting OSHA requirements.

The worker injury case went through a six-day trial in the Middlesex County Superior Court. The Honorable Lisa Vignuolo heard the case along with a seven-person jury. After deliberation, the court decided that the defendants were 85 percent at fault and the plaintiff was at fault for the rest of the 15 percent. The jury awarded $7.5 million in damages to the man, and the judge added $177,709 for past medical expenses. Because of his 15 percent share of fault, the plaintiff’s verdict lowered to $6.53 million.

The plaintiff’s attorney filed a proposed order of judgment for $697,305 in prejudgment interest, attorney fees, and other costs because of an offer-of-judgment rule—the verdict was more than 20 percent higher than the initial $1 million settlement offered by the plaintiff.

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Please Note: This case was not handled by The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett, Esq., P.C., and is included here for informational purposes.