New Jersey Immigration Lawyers from AILA Gear Up for 2019 "Day of Action"

Erin Brockovich, notable for her role in holding one of the largest utility companies in California accountable to the people they hurt, once said:

"Things will only improve when the people—all of us—say to authorities, 'I will hold you responsible.'"

Every year, hundreds of immigration attorneys from around the country join together to do exactly that—to speak with representatives from all 50 states to fight for immigration reform. Organized by the American Immigration Lawyers Association, it's called the National Day of Action. This year, it's happening on April 11.

New Jersey Immigration Attorney Lloyd E. Bennett will be advocating for his community alongside other lawyers from all over New Jersey. They'll be driving down to Capitol Hill to speak with the Congressmembers and Senators of our state, helping to push immigrant needs to the forefront of the national conversation.

One of our goals will be to share with lawmakers how current immigration policies are harming American families, businesses, and communities nationwide. This is the document we'll be sharing with them.

Make Your Voice Heard!

If you're interested in joining up with AILA and hundreds of immigrant advocates next month, consider registering for the Day of Action! Visit the AILA website here to register. The deadline to register will be on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, so make plans as soon as possible!

If your attorney is attending (or you think your attorney would like to attend), clients are welcome to join their advocates in addressing representatives about their needs.

If you have an immigration matter that needs the help of an experienced lawyer, call (800) 909-8129 to speak with our New Jersey immigration attorney. We're more than happy to discuss your case and help you protect your future.