USPS Pays Settlement of $4.9 Million to Grieving Family

Earlier this month, a lawsuit in U.S. District Court was resolved when the U.S. Postal Service settled with a family who lost their two-year-old in a mail truck accident in New Jersey. The plaintiff was crossing a street when a USPS mail truck driver made a right turn and struck the plaintiff and her grandchildren. The driver apparently did not look before turning and was evidently driving while distracted by his phone.

The plaintiff was holding her 2-year-old granddaughter in her left arm while holding her grandson's hand on her right. She managed to get her grandson out of the way when the mail truck came around the corner, but the truck struck her and her granddaughter. The two-year-old was killed when she hit the pavement while the plaintiff was seriously injured.

The subsequent lawsuit sought damages for:

  • Loss of companionship
  • Medical and burial costs
  • Psychological trauma for the grandson
  • Leg fractures and mild traumatic brain injury

Mediation between the family and USPS yielded a $4.9 million settlement divided between the grandmother, the grandson, and the estate of the granddaughter.

Truck Accidents & Commercial Vehicle Accidents in New Jersey

Ultimately, companies and agencies are legally responsible for damage caused by their employees while on the job. The USPS driver had an ethical obligation to remain vigilant, watch for pedestrians, and (most importantly) remain off his phone while driving. When he struck the plaintiff's family, causing her and her grandchildren grievous harm, the USPS became responsible for the results.

Cases like this make life safer for everyone. Thanks to this case, the USPS has more reason to screen drivers for better performance, forbid phone use on the job, or provide safety training to drivers with a poor driving record. It shouldn't take heartbreaking tragedy to make public or private entities behave responsibly, but it does. Often, it also requires relentless personal injury attorneys to bring cases like this to the public's attention. This case in particular was not handled by our firm, but our firm has handled similar injury cases.

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