Injured Biker Wins $39 Million Verdict in Follow-Up Trial

Six years ago, a young man named Hussein Agiz was run over by a drag-racing car while traveling through an industrial park in Edison. His motorcycle and the other driver's car both exploded, costing Agiz his arm and leg. One doctor described his injuries as so extensive that he called Agiz "the definition of multiple trauma."

Two years ago, Agiz's lawsuit against the industrial park owner—who was partially responsible for the crash—was resolved after an eight-day trial. The jury returned a verdict in two parts: $4.5 million for his medical expenses and $2.3 million for his pain and suffering. Agiz's lawyers immediately challenged the pain and suffering verdict, citing that the jury didn't consider the judge's instructions about the value of pain and suffering. The judge agreed.

Despite the defendant's best efforts, the Appellate Division upheld the request for a new trial for noneconomic damages only. Finally, last week, a jury deliberated about how much Hussein Agiz deserved for the loss of two limbs, burn injuries, and constant phantom pain from his missing arm and leg: $39 million. With interest, Agiz's lawyers expect the final amount to be $49 million.

While waiting for the resolution of his case, Agiz began attending Rutgers to study biomechanical engineering. He hopes to design his own prosthetics one day and advocate for amputee victims.

The Importance of Pain & Suffering Damages

Noneconomic damages (or general damages) account for what can't be measured. While personal injury lawsuits seek losses from medical expenses or lost wages, it's important to remember that these cases are also about what people lose in comfort, quality of life, or peace. There's no dollar amount that could accurately measure what it's like to lose an arm, suffer from chronic pain, or be forced to prematurely end your career.

Think of it this way: an amputated limb may not require substantial medical care 30 years down the line, but that 30 years would look dramatically different had Hussein Agiz never lost the use of his arm or leg. Pain and suffering damages try to account for the difference in Agiz's life with his injuries, providing Agiz with the compensation for the things he'll never get back.

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