New DHS Rule Will Affect Immigrant Families Nationwide

Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posted for public inspection in the Federal Register for a public rule that will expand the number of immigrants who are ineligible for green cards or admission to the United States. The rule will officially be released on August 14, 2019 and will take effect within 60 days.

Who Will This New Rule Affect?

This rule will affect immigrants enrolled in public benefit programs or immigrants the U.S. believes is "likely" to use public benefits. Residents in the U.S. are entitled to public benefits, and many immigrants rely on them to thrive here, according to AILA President Marketa Lindt. When this rule was proposed, it left immigrant families in so much fear that they chose to avoid using essential services to avoid putting their immigration status at risk. Now that this rule will be official tomorrow, it is expected that immigrant families’ fear will only increase.

“Working-class immigrants are a vital part of our shared prosperity and have contributed to this nation since its inception. This rule will not only punish individuals for seeking basic needs and put families at risk of separation—it will do irreparable harm to American businesses and communities by erecting additional barriers to applicants that will ultimately bar potential contributors from their chance at the American dream,” says Lindt.

This rule could prevent millions of hardworking people from obtaining green cards while ending the aspiration of attaining the American dream. This rule will also worsen the backlog crisis that is occurring at USCIS.

"This rule represents one of the most harmful components yet in the Trump administration's 'invisible wall'—a far-reaching set of policies and practices restricting legal immigration to and in the United States,” said AILA Executive Director Benjamin Johnson.

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