The AILA Convenes & Unites Against New Immigration Policies

This past week, the American Immigration Lawyers Association had their signature event for the year—a national conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Attorneys Lloyd Bennett and Yolanda Mendoza from The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett, Esq., P.C. attended the annual AILA convention on June 22. The convention hosted over 6,000 lawyers from every state in the nation convened to share knowledge, discuss recent issues, and stay updated on national trends.

Due to recent and unprecedented policy changes from the Trump administration, this year’s conference was more vital than ever. In addition to seminars and programs, the conference featured meetings with government officials to help our attorneys better navigate a fast-changing system. In addition, the conference confirmed what many of us already believed individually—that as a bar association, our attorneys are committed to opposing the new White House policies as effectively as we can.

The AILA’s President-Elect, Ms. Annalusia Padilla, put it best: “We must stand united to resist the hatred, counter the lies, uphold our Constitution, and reaffirm that we are all entitled to due process of the law—regardless of country of origin.” It’s worth celebrating that the AILA’s President-Elect was born and raised in Guatemala and was granted asylum by the United States at 15 years of age. Our firm wholeheartedly stands behind Ms. Padilla and her statement.