Slate's Cover Story Is About the Human Side of Deportation

The latest story from Slate is about more than just immigration or deportation, and it’s about more than the numbers—it’s about who these policies affect.The report presents a massive portrait of American society in 2017, pieced together from news reports all over the country. Their massive uber-story is actually a collection of dozens of stories from this year, all with one thing in common: immigrants facing the realities of a tougher, less merciful Immigrations & Customs Enforcement.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association worked with the journalism students from Columbia University who assisted with putting this report together. Beginning with the February DHS memos regarding President Trump’s immigration policy, this project presents only a few months’ worth of ICE activity—but represents hundreds of lives that have been disrupted by raids, arrests, and removals.

Learn about what’s happening in your own country—we urge you to read the story here.