Lloyd Bennett Goes to Capital Hill to Fight for Immigration Reform

On April 7, 2016 I attended another Day of Action in Washington DC along with about 300 other lawyers from all over the US. Our group had schedule meetings on Capital Hill with all NJ lawmakers and/or their staff to discuss reforming the broken immigration system. We discussed both employment and family based issues such as the current H-1b caps, student visa issues, extensive court delays and the lack of appointed representation for children swept up into immigration courts. Unlike my prior trips to DC, I discovered that both sides of the aisle now agree that the system is broken. The disagreement is over how to fix it. Democrats are looking for a comprehensive immigration bill similar to what was passed by the Senate in 2014. However, Republicans are seeking piecemeal legislation that fixes one issue at a time starting with boarder security. Neither party is willing to compromise at this time as we are in an election cycle. Once the race to the White House is over we hope that our elected representatives will finally fix the broken system and allow millions to seek the American dream.