Were You Denied Workers' Compensation?

Workers that have experienced a serious personal injury on the job may be eligible to recover workers’ compensation to cover their medical expenses and lost wages. If a worker seeks to recover compensation, they agree to do so regardless of whose fault the injury was and forfeits the right to sue their employer for damages. As a protection, workers’ compensation is a great way for those that are employed in sometimes dangerous professions to maintain their safety and ensure their family is protected in case of an accident. However, in some instances, workers’ compensation claims are denied. What should you do in these instances? The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett, Esq., P.C. is a New Jersey workers’ comp law firm that can help you understand what went wrong with your claim and what steps you may be able to take moving forward.

Claim Denials & Your Next Steps

The most important thing to remember when dealing with any insurance is that the company providing the coverage is primarily concerned with protecting their financial interests above all else. Workers’ compensation is not exempt from this. When an insurance company denies a claim, they don’t have to pay the amount associated with the injury and the employer that rejects the claim does not have to worry about their insurance premiums rising.

Workers’ compensation claims are often denied:

  • The claim was not reported or filed in time.
  • The employer disputes the claim by stating it never a happened at work or that the resulting injury is not the result of an accident.
  • The condition is not covered under workers’ compensation insurance.
  • The documented injuries are not severe enough to warrant compensation claim.

Should a workers’ comp claim be denied, the worker has the right to appeal the decision. Oftentimes information about appealing the claim is detailed in the claim denial. This is when working with a workers’ compensation lawyer is especially important. Many people will need to provide evident and documentation of their injuries, providing factual evidence of the claim and medical records that connect the injury with the work event as well.

Anyone that is seeking to appeal a workers’ comp claim denial in New Jersey should speak with a lawyer that has their best interests at heart. At our firm, we pride ourselves at treating every claim as though it was our own. Find out more by speaking with our team in a free consultation!