ICE Removal Highlights 2013


• Over 300,000 people deported last year

• Over 2 million deported under Obama in 5 years

• 40% of those removed had no criminal record Introduction

With 2013 coming to a close and no action on the House floor on immigration, more attention is being directed at the Obama administration’s immigration policies, especially enforcement. Recently, ICE reported that it removed another 368,644 individuals in fiscal year 2013 (from October 2012 through September 2013). ICE asserts that it is pursuing a targeted enforcement strategy, but it continues to remove thousands of people who pose no threat to our communities, have lived in the United States for years with their families, and would qualify for citizenship under pending legislation. Those are not the people who should be priorities for enforcement.

On the flip side, critics have argued that this administration is weak on enforcement, pointing out that ICE removed fewer people than last year. While these new numbers may represent a small reduction in removals, the Obama administration still far exceeds predecessors not only in overall removal numbers but also in detention numbers and criminal prosecutions for immigration-related offenses. Finally, counting the number of removals is no way to measure national security or the safety of our communities—both of these are being undermined by the absence of immigration reform.

Enforcement under President Obama has been extremely aggressive

. • President Obama will hit the two million mark for removals after just about five years in office; that’s a number it took President Bush eight years to reach.

• Federal criminal prosecutions of immigration-related offenses are also at their highest point in history, up 468 percent from 2003, straining our federal court system to the breaking point

. • Detention of about 430,000 individuals for immigration purposes costs federal taxpayers about $2 billion a year

. • Despite the lower number of removals for fiscal year 2013, this Administration is still on track to break records for overall removals.

ICE is still removing thousands of people who pose no threat

. • About 40 percent of those removed this year have no criminal background whatsoever, and many others considered “criminals” by ICE are actually only guilty of a simple traffic violation or a status-related offense

. • Often these are people who have lived in the United States for years and have U.S. citizen children and other family here

. • Many of them would qualify for legal status and earned citizenship under S. 744, the bi-partisan bill that passed the Senate in June. These people should not be enforcement priorities.

American families are being senselessly destroyed

. • Between July 1, 2010 and September 31, 2012, ICE removed 204,810 parents of U.S. citizen children

. • That amounts to more than one in five (nearly 23%) of all individuals removed during this time.

You can prevent this from happen to you or a family member.

• Apply on time for all benefits.

• Always use an attorney and never a notario