Meetings with Chief Trial Attorney and ICE Field Office Director in Newark

During the month of May, New Jersey Immigration Attorney Lloyd E. Bennett acted on behalf of the New Jersey chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA-NJ) to discuss important issues of concern for immigration attorneys with government immigration officials. The lawyer attended two meetings as a representative for the lawyers' organization. Those meetings were with the Newark Immigration Court's Chief Trial Attorney and the director of the ICE Newark field office.

On May 21, 2013, members of AILA-NJ's Trial Attorney liaison committee (which included Attorney Bennett) met with the Chief Trial Attorney and her staff to engage in a conversation about issues related to immigration court practice, as well as about new processes and procedures. The Chief Trial Attorney serves as legal counsel for the government's office of immigration and therefore represents the government in immigration-related matters.

Attorney Bennett and the other attendees' voiced AILA-NJ chapter members' concerns over issues such as the level of difficulty in obtaining certain types of information from the Office of Chief Counsel (OCC) in a timely and convenient fashion, such as OCC attorney assignments. They also raised concerns over other types of delays and issues that impede on the timely processing of immigration cases. The OCC provided responses to the committee members' various questions.

At another meeting that was held on May 24, 2013, Attorney Bennett and other members of AILA-NJ's ICE liaison committee members met with the director of the ICE Newark field office director and his staff. ICE is the agency that is responsible for arresting and detaining illegal aliens within the United States. Attorney Bennett serves as the organization's ICE Committee Co-Chair.

AILA-NJ's committee members discussed a broad spectrum of issues with the ICE field office director and his staff. For example, they asked about how detainees' legal counsel could more easily obtain basic information about their clients' detention, including information about where they are being detained. They also asked about various other procedures and policies associated with the arrest, detention and release of illegal immigrants.

These meetings are crucial for allowing immigration attorneys in New Jersey to have the information they need to better serve their clients. It is important for the government's immigration agencies to have efficient systems in place that allow for immigration cases to be handled properly.

Looking ahead, Attorney Bennett plans to attend to the 2013 AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law, which will be held in San Francisco from June 26-29. This event will likely be attended by about 3,000 to 4,000 immigration attorneys. This marks an important year with immigration reform on the horizon.

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