Electronic Arts Voted the Worst Company in America

Game publisher Electronic Arts has officially taken the title as the worst company in America. EA beat out Walmart, AT&T, and Bank of America to secure the distinction of worst company. The reasons behind EA's classification as such are numerous and include everything from poor business practices to employee treatment that borders on illegal. According to many current and former EA employees, expectations for time spent at work constantly increased, even when projects were on schedule and no notable increase in productivity resulted from the excessive working hours. Twelve hour days and seven day workweeks were eventually considered normal; not surprisingly, increased employee illness and injury ensued. These harmful job-related health effects continue to be ignored by the corporate machine in favor of increasing revenue. This high human cost has not gone completely unacknowledged, however. Class action lawsuits have been filed against EA regarding improper classification of employees as exempt in order to skirt overtime regulations, and EA eventually reached several multi-million dollar settlements with the plaintiffs involved.

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