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Insurance Claims in New Jersey

Maximizing Your Claim

At some point in the past you purchased an insurance policy and have been paying premiums on it since then. You pay for insurance so that in the event of an accident or injury you won't have to handle all the bills by yourself. That is how the system is supposed to work: pay a little money now so you won't have to pay a lot of money later. At least, that is how it was sold to you.

The insurance industry is Big Business and at every point of contact with your insurance company you are dealing with highly trained professionals who have been put on the job to save money for the company. From the actuary who estimates the odds that you or a person like you will file a claim, to the salesman who sells you the most expensive policy he can, to the claims adjuster who will evaluate your claim and carve it down to the leanest settlement possible. In most cases you will be offered less than you truly need and deserve.

How can an attorney help with insurance claims?

With the help of a personal injury attorney in New Jersey you can defend yourself against this corporate machine and increase the likelihood of you getting check that will cover your medical expenses and loss of income. The attorney can represent you with the claims adjuster to ensure that you don't say or do anything that will weaken your claim. He can also help you assemble a full set of documentation to support your case, including testimony from unbiased medical professionals. Finally, an experienced attorney who cares about your case can negotiate with and fight the insurance company to get payment on a claim, even if it was initially denied.

Choose an Experienced New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

When the time comes that you need to file a claim with your insurance company to help you recover from a personal injury, contact The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett, Esq., P.C. We have been helping people in New Jersey with their insurance claims since 1987 and are proud of our dedication to our clients. Too many people take their chances by dealing directly with the insurance company, but when you hire an attorney to help you with your case, they know you're serious about getting every last penny you deserve.

We will stand by you throughout the process to make sure that you receive the settlement you need and with a minimum of waiting and distress. Contact a New Jersey personal injury attorney before you start your insurance claim to make sure you do everything possible to get the full claim you deserve.