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New Jersey Work & Employment Visa Lawyer

For H-1B Visas, L-1 Visas, and Other Categories

There are visas for all kinds of specific work-related circumstances, including specialty occupations, company transfers, investors, nurses, athletes, etc.

Work and employment visas authorize qualified individuals from other countries to work in the United States for a specific period of time. If you want to work in the U.S., you must first obtain an employment visa that is appropriate for your situation. Similarly, employers who would like to bring specific workers to their American locations may help employees apply for work visas.

Are you seeking entry into the U.S. for temporary work?

If you are seeking entry into the country for work, you must follow proper legal procedure to travel. Failing to correctly apply for your work visa may prevent you from travelling and working as you intended. At The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett, Esq., P.C., our New Jersey immigration attorney has more than two decades of experience handling all kinds of legal issues involving visas and immigration law. Since 1987, our team has helped thousands of clients find effective solutions to their immigration matters.

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H-1B Specialty Occupation Worker Visas

This is the most common type of work visa used by employers in the United States. This visa allows employers to hire foreign professionals in key industries for a temporary period of time. The requirements to obtain this type of visa are fairly substantial and require the individual to have at least a bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent. These visas are usually valid for six years and may be renewed in certain circumstances.

L-1 Intra-Company Transferee Visa

The L-1 visa can be used by foreign citizens who work abroad for one year continuously and occupy an executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge role. This visa may be used to transfer to a similar occupational role in the United States within the same company or organization. This visa also provides privileges for spouses and children under 21 who accompany the visa holder.

Temporary vs. Permanent Visas

The visa categories for temporary and permanent work employment are different. Because of this, it is important for individuals to apply for the visa that best suits their travel and work needs. Each visa serves a different function that may allow certain actions while prohibiting others. To help ensure that you apply for the visa that suits your specific needs, contact our firm and discuss your situation with our New Jersey immigration lawyer.

We provide effective assistance with any number of other work/employment visas, such as:

Ensure you meet the proper requirements!

Because your temporary work or employment visa affects your stay in the United States, it is important to ensure that you meet the proper requirements and that the visa suits your particular needs. When it comes to your livelihood, do not let an error in the application process affect your work responsibilities. At The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett, Esq., P.C., our New Jersey immigration lawyer has the experience and ability needed to handle complex immigration issues and help you apply for the work visa you need. Schedule a case consultation today and discuss your situation with our legal team!