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New Jersey S Visa Lawyer

Visas Available for Witnesses and Informants

There are certain parties that can provide critical information to the U.S. authorities regarding criminal cases, including vital information about terrorist organizations. These witnesses and informants must be able to enter the country legally. Those who are willing to supply information about criminal enterprises operating within the U.S. borders, or impacting U.S. citizens and their security abroad may be eligible for an S Visa. The process of gaining this type of temporary visa can be complex, and requires extensive documentation for approval. Make sure you hire a New Jersey immigration lawyer for the knowledgeable legal counsel you need.

Getting Approval for an S Visa to Enter the United States

The U.S. Secretary of State and the Attorney General must determine that you are in possession of information of value to the authorities, and have determined that the individual is willing to supply this information to a federal law enforcement agency, or to testify in federal court, and that the informant or witness has been or was in danger through giving this information to the U.S. authorities. The types of immigration cases that could allow an S Visa to be issued include cases involving terrorism, international criminal activities and enterprises.

The spouses and unmarried sons and daughters of witnesses or informants may also be eligible for legal entry to the U.S. under an S-7 Visa. If you have information regarding any criminal matter of interest to the federal authorities, and are coming to the United States on a temporary basis to provide testimony or other evidence, your application will be based upon a specific law enforcement agency (LEA) that is requesting your presence in the U.S.

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All of these matters must be carefully managed, as the witness or informant's information could be crucial to the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI or other federal agency. Once the immigrant has come to the U.S., it is often possible to seek permanent status in the country, as returning to the home country could lead to serious consequences, including death.

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