Just a Few of Our Recent Case Results for Injured Workers

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Results will vary depending upon the circumstances of each case. Settlements and awards are mostly based upon the schedule of disability benefits as set by the State of New Jersey each year. For that reason, workers compensation awards cannot be compared to Judgments, Settlements or Verdicts in Superior Courts of New Jersey. Workers compensation awards are limited by the schedule of disability benefits as most employees injured at work are entitled to recover regardless how the injury occurred. Every award must be approved by a Workers Compensation Judge.

Disability Payments for Life

  • Fall from ladder at worksite resulting in quadriplegia awarded total disability payments for life.
  • Injured back lifting heavy objects at work suffered multiple herniated discs with surgical repair, unable to return to work and awarded total disability payments for life,
  • Fall from scaffold rendered paraplegic total disability payments for life

Some of our noteworth results:

  • Hit head and injured neck resulting in surgery with screws and plates 55% of partial total $175,223.00.
  • Fall at work resulting in multiple disc herniation, left shoulder and elbow surgery. 50% of partial total $145,000.00.
  • Hydraulic lift failure resulted in multiple facial fractures, loss of smell and taste with post-concussion syndrome and partial loss of vision 50% of partial total $127,869.00.
  • File cabinet fell on head at work causing neurological injuries. Disputed claim settled for $125,000.00.
  • Fall from container 45% of the right foot resulting from fracture of the 2,3,4th metatarsal and contusions and strains of the right foot, 30% of partial total resulting from contusions and strains of the lumbosacral region plus payment of all outstanding medical bills $120,487.00.
  • Fall from ramp resulting in disc herniation at C6-7 with discectomy and plates and screws with subsequent exploration and removal of plating and screws 45% of total $66,150.00.
  • Driver of fork lift involved in an accident. 60% of the right leg with open commuted fracture of the mid-fibula and distal third of right tibia with the surgical repair, rods and multiple skin and bone grafts from the left leg $64,080.00.
  • Cutting wood cut hand with electric saw causing lacerations and fractures to the hand $47,897.00
  • Motor vehicle accident while working causing sprain and strain of the lumbar spine with fracture of the right L2 transverse process; fracture of C6 lamina; facial lacerations; right foot injury and the right ring finger injury along with post-concussion disorder. 30% $41,784.00.
  • Slip and Fall on wet floor causing shoulder injury with surgical repair of the rotator cuff. $39,292.62.
  • Lifting heavy boxes injured lower back resolved for 30% of partial total disability disc bulge at L4-5 and herniation at L5-S1 with epidural injections and posterior interbody fusion, bone grafting and bilateral radiculopathy $39,210.00.
  • Slip and fall on ice in a parking lot. Case settled for $33,000 for disc herniation C5-6 disc bulge at C3-4 with lumbar sprain and strain.
  • Fall on wet floor. 55% right hand resulting from fracture of the distal radius and ulnar styloid with open capsulotomy of the first second third and fourth fingers and right carpal tunnel syndrome $32,923.00.
  • Exiting cafeteria fell on wet floor, fractured left shoulder and had surgery $29,956.
  • Injured shoulder while working on a roof causing impingement syndrome and surgery. 22 ½ $29,523.00
  • Lifting heavy object causing disc herniation at L5-S1. 25% of partial total disability $29,130.00.
  • Bank teller hit by falling coin bag causing post-concussion syndrome and scarification 22 ½% $28,251.00.
  • Lifting heavy object injured lower back resolved for 25% of partial total disability orthopedic and neurological injuries for herniated discs at left L4-5 with surgery and nerve root decompression $27,451.00.
  • Injured back while working on machine. Disc bulge at L4 -5, L5- S1, herniation at T12-L1 with S1 radicalitis. $27,426.00.
  • Fall on wet floor while making delivery causing injury herniated disc at L4-5 and L5-S1 with annular disc bulge at L4-5 with neurological injury. 22 ½ % $27,426.00.
  • Trapped between machines causing disc herniation at L5-S1 $27,027.00.
  • Robbed while carrying jewelry for work. Psychological injury 22 ½% $25,845.00.
  • Fall from scaffold causing disc herniation at L5-S1 with epidural injections and sexual dysfunction from injury to perineum and pelvic $25,760.00.
  • Pushing heavy trolley injured left shoulder disputed claim $25,000.00.
  • Lifting heavy box injured lower back. Disputed claim resolved $25,000.00.

Additional Case Results

  • Coat rack fell onto right shoulder causing impingement syndrome and fracture of scapula $24,440.00.
  • Injured lower back causing disc herniation at L4-5 and disc bulge at L3-4 $23,724.00.
  • Struck in face by wood pallet. 25% for nasal fracture nose with open reduction and sprain and strain of the cervical spine $23,493.00.
  • Lifting objects injured arm. 20% of partial total for distal bicep tendon rupture with surgical repair $22,956.00.
  • Injured left leg in a fall causing surgery for tear of the anterior cruciate ligament and medial meniscus 35% $22,170.75.
  • Fall from ladder at asbestos site causing fracture of the tibia and fibula shaft in a post-operative state with plates and screws. 17 ½% 21,006.00.
  • Struck by a hi-lo. Left knee medial meniscus tear and left total knee replacement. 35% $20,280.00.
  • $20,000.00 for disputed back injury.
  • Injured hip and lower back while lifting heavy object. 17 ½% of partial total for disc herniation at L5-S1 with radiculopathy $19,734.00.
  • Fell an injured lower back. 17 ½% for L5-S1 disc herniation with radiculopathy $19,732.00
  • Fall from ladder, settled for 33 1/3 percent of the right leg for torn medial and lateral meniscus with surgical repair $19,215.00.
  • Heavy object fell onto client causing cervical and lumbar disc bulges $16,560.00.
  • Teacher fell on beads injuring left knee needing surgery $15,939.00.
  • Lifting heavy objects injured back sprains and strains of the thoracic and lumbar spine with disc herniation at L5-S1. 15% of partial total disability $15,120.00.
  • Slip and fall on ice in parking lot at work causing fracture to the right foot with surgery $14,566.67.
  • Injured back lifting heavy objects. Disputed claim. Resolved for $13,500.00.
  • Object fell onto head causing contusion to head and fractured skull with post-concussion syndrome $10,680.00.
  • Heavy object fell onto foot. 25% of the right foot resulting from fracture of the 4th and 5th metatarsal bone with open reduction and internal fixation $10,235.00.
  • Teacher fell at school causing wrist fracture with surgery in a post-operative $10,143.00
  • Tripped on stairs injured foot causing sprain and strain with a fracture of small toe $8,464.00.
  • Crush injury to the foot $8,464.00.
  • Fall from pallet injured lower back settled for 7 ½% of partial total for sprains and strains of the lumbar spine $8,280.00.
  • Struck by object in face causing fractures of nasal bone and septum with surgery $8,280.00.
  • Injured back while lifting heavy object, disputed claim $7,500.00.
  • Lifting furniture at works injured lower back. Aggravation of prior back injury $7,500.00.
  • Trip & fall at work. Contusions and strains of the right hand $6,601.00.
  • Object fell onto hand, settled for 12 1/2 % of the left-hand resulting from the crush injury to the left from a fracture of the distal phalanx with loss of range of motion and strength of the hand $5,298.13.
  • Lifting heavy object caused hernia, had surgical repair $5,190.00.
  • Lifting heavy object injured right arm 12 ½% of total $4,281.00.
  • Inhalation of toxic fumes. Disputed case settled for $4,000.00 for pulmonary injuries.
  • Lacerated left hand $2,119.00.

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